After a lot of days immersed in the routine of work and the city, you probably want to take advantage of these coming times to escape to the paradisiacal city of Cancun. But then the question comes:  What to do in Cancun at Christmas? The answer to this question could change your life by experiencing endless new and relaxing experiences.

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What to do in Cancun at Christmas ?, Next I will announce 5 stimulating activities to do in this Caribbean land:

Cancun is much more than just beautiful beaches and nightlife, and just staying at your hotel would be wasting endless magical places.

1. Chichen Itza, the story that comes to life

Let’s start with the most popular activity in Cancun. The quintessential symbol of the Riviera Maya, the huge pyramids of Chichen Itza, one of the seven wonders of the Modern World, await you.

A short distance from Cancun is this archaeological zone, this jewel of the Mayan culture has more than one story to tell. With cenotes surrounded by turquoise water, such as the SuyTun cenote, you can bathe in these places considered sacred by our ancestors.

Dare to explore this ancient mystical city. Through its legendary monuments you can relive history by admiring such buildings geographically perfect and aesthetically pleasing to the eye. Let the view turn on your other four senses to get an experience of legend.

Fill yourself with energy visiting the ancient temples of Kukulkan and the Jaguar, centers where the Maya left a legacy engraved in stone that has nothing to envy to the finest Egyptian structures.

Observe and see the Temple of the Warriors, which is guarded by the disturbing figure of Chacmool, who hides a lot of mystery behind that impassive stone gaze.

Modern sports such as football or basketball do not compare to the traditional ball game that was played in the former Chichen Itza. Visit the old field where brave players disputed life by confronting each other as mythological heroes.

One of the greatest mysteries of Mayan culture is the study of the stars and their movements performed by the most intelligent and enlightened priests. Draw your own conclusions when you reach the ancient Astronomical Observatory made of round towers. The study of stars and other celestial bodies was never so precise and esoteric at the same time.

2. Tulum and Coba: journey through legendary lands

If archeological sites are your thing, here you have a direct pass to an odyssey worthy of archeological adventure film is to live the experience of knowing the ancient Mayan port of Tulum.

Then you can explore the ancient cenotes full of crystalline waters that seem to be derived from pre-Hispanic myths.

To continue with the mystical encounter with ancestral cultures, you can climb the Coba pyramid “Nohoch Mul” that is very close to the port. You must use your physical resistance skills to reach the top of this historic building.

To end this odyssey there is no better place than Playa del Carmen, an intermediate point between the city of Cancun and Cozumel Island, where you can enjoy local snacks and buy traditional souvenirs from the region.

3. Isla Mujeres, adventure at sea

If you always wanted to feel like a newt or mermaid on the high seas or like an adventurous pirate, the Tour to Isla Mujeres is perfect for you.

On the way to the Island you can enjoy the beautiful view of the horizon, marked by five different shades of blue, the crystalline Caribbean waters will captivate you in a heartbeat. But don’t settle for just seeing them from afar. Also dare to immerse yourself in the bottom of the sea, discover invaluable treasures and contemplate countless colorful marine fauna.

You will do Snorkeling in the Isla Mujeres National Park and the Mayan Reef, which is considered the second largest in the world.

After such a vigorous activity you can drink like a privateer in the open bar of the catamaran and taste exquisite dishes when you arrive at the great Isla Mujeres , which you can explore in a way that pleases you either on foot or by renting a golf cart.

4. Crossing the jungle in ATV's

Do you like speed and nature? Then you can go through the thick jungle of Cancun mounted on the best  ATVs or ATVs  available in the area. Have fun and fill yourself with adrenaline  by testing your skills and nerves by knowing the green places in this unique way.

If on the other hand you would like to walk in a more traditional and less motorized way, you can choose to ride on the warm back of a horse and relax on the road.

Whenever a walk of this nature is finished, you can choose to have a panoramic view of the green landscape in the distance, There is no better option than a zipline ride that makes you feel like a bird flying over the lush trees.

You can also enjoy free zip lines where you will test your skill by jumping directly into the water after a big swing.

5. Las Coloradas, pink waters

If I tell you that there are lagoons with pink waters, you will probably think that they are due to some special effect, a montage or that they were colored due to an artificial agent. Big mistake, in nature there are only ten lagoons of this unique color in the world and one of them is located in the beautiful city of Cancun. 

In this place you can admire the contrast between the blue sky and the pink water, a unique show if you are looking for extravagant paradises, out of the ordinary, and take pictures worthy of the best postcards, beautifully adorned with white sand.

Also near Las Coloradas are the Xcanche Cenote and the archaeological site of Ek-Balam. The first is an open cenote full of crystalline water and the second is nothing more and nothing less than a mythological city lost in time where the stone structures and the beauty of the jungle are combined whose main attraction are two twin pyramids.

Come and spend next Christmas in Cancun, a city full of mythological adventures,

You still don’t know what to do in Cancun at Christmas? If you want more information about other places to visit in Cancun, just activate the WhatsApp button and a Vacation Advisor with more than 15 years of experience in the destination will help you.

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