Tropical towuns have their charm, but, when the magic of the beach and history blend together, the appeal is overwhelming. Enjoy the colors of the turquoise waters that the Caribbean Sea has for you in three of its most delightful towns.

magical towns of quintana roo you should visit

Here you are the 3 Magic Towns of Quintana Roo:

1. Tulum

The beauty of the fine sand dunes, its docile crystalline waters and its green jungles, are magnified with Mayan architecture. Its imposing pre-Hispanic palaces and monuments make Tulum the most important archeological zone on the Caribbean Sea.

The archaeological zone of Tulum is the only one of the Mayan culture that is located in front of the Caribbean Sea, in one of the most beautiful beaches that you can know in Quintana Roo.

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Magic Town

2. Isla Mujeres

Antillean beauty, rainforest and the wonders of the Mayan civilization make this island a true earthly paradise. Its incredible reefs are perfect for snorkeling activity among the vast marine life that inhabits the place and observe how its waters become colorful during the course of the day.

Swimming in Playa Norte, visiting the Mayan temple and the turtle farm are must-see activities.

Tour to Isla Mujeres

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Magic Town

3. Bacalar

Without a doubt, its biggest attraction is the 7 color lagoon, which owes its variety of shades to the cenotes that make it up.

In addition to its impressive lagoon and natural attractions, it has stories about pirates and still preserves the Fort of San Felipe dating from the 18th century, today a museum dedicated to the Mayan culture and its colonial era. Enjoy a natural spa in the Pirates Channel, which joins the lagoon with the sea and envelops your body in this purifying mud.

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Magic Town

Let yourself be wrapped in the magical towns of Quintana Roo, with its waves, dream in its smooth sand and romance with its history. Enjoy them.

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